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ITSM training at Nucot avoids all the unnecessary abstractions and provides an accessible presentation of IT Service Management. IT Service Management is an important area of study for IT Professionals. In order to understand what IT Service Management is, and why it is important to enterprises, we need to understand what services are, and how service management can help IT infrastructure services providers, manage and provide these services, that will help the customer meet his needs. ITSM stems from the realization that whatever be the technology used, there remains the requirement to manage the Technology efficiently and effectively, to deliver services that are aligned with the business. The internationally recognized ITIL framework is the best-known approach to service management.

IT Service Management enables the IT Infrastructure service provider to understand the services they are providing from the customers perspective, and also ensure that the services really facilitate the outcomes the customers want to achieve. ITSM also helps the IT Infrastructure service providers manage the costs and risks associated with the services. This blog is for the trainees who are underg
oing ITSM training at Nucot or are planning to do so. This blog will in future carry important concepts on ITSM, based on very simple examples, and help answer questions, not by just recalling, but from a position of understanding. This is not a substitute for classroom training but will help augment the understanding and appreciation of the material discussed in the training class.

Service Level Agreement

What is a Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

The first element in any Service Level Agreement should state the purpose and scope of the document. Next comes the period to which the agreement applies. Version numbers should be an essential part of the agreement. Changes if any made the agreement must be captured in the document.

Successful Service Design Elements

Successful service design must consider four elements. They are known as four P's of Service Design.


People can be considered as a resource and also a capability

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